Trail Safety and Etiquette

Wilderness riding, whether it be desert, mountains or forest areas, is one of the most beautiful experiences life can offer. The beauty one takes in on horseback cannot be equalled. Yet things can happen quickly, especially with horses and the weather. My trainer is always telling me, horses make bad one need always be prepared. This page is designed to help you ride with confidence. Common sense is still always your best resource.

10 Commandments for Trail Riding:

1.   Never ride alone without informing someone where you are going and when you expect to return. CARRY A CELL PHONE

​2.   Do not ride a trail beyond you and your horse's experience

3.   Pay attention to your surroundings~other horses, obstacles or dangers on the trail

4.  Keep your feet light in the stirrups

5.  Keep spacing of at least one horse between horses

6.  Maintain extra spacing when riding up or down hills or over obstacles

7.  Do not stop on a narrow portion of the trail. Stop where it is safe to pass or turn around

8.  When turning around on a trail which drops off on one side, swing your horse's head toward the drop off, not onto the bank

9.  Trail manners state to respect your fellow riders; do not trot, gallop or "yahoo" your horse close to others

10.  Do not smoke or drink alcohol while riding


10 Essentials for Backcountry Riding:

1)   Water

2)   Extra food

3)   Extra clothes

4)   GPS

5)   Compass

6)   Whistle

7)   Maps-USFS on topo

8)   First Aid kit- for people and horse, gloves, rope, cat-hole shovel

9)   Signaling device-mirror, smoke flares, marches, flint

10)  Raingear