Dutch Oven Recipe Books

Our Dutch Oven Recipe Books have been a very popular item since we put them together and began selling them. They include a schedule for regulating heat with coal,s, and instructions on how to restore rusty and corroded cast iron cookware. They include 17 unique recipes that our members have enjoyed the past few years. We are asking $5 for the book and you can have one of your very own by contacting Bill at moser553@gmail.com. Thank you for your support!!!!!


The BCHC SARU baseball caps are now available for purchase.The hats are $20. You can get one at our meetings.

​BCHC SARU Merchandise

Our logo has become a very popular item. we have ordered a few more and made them available to anyone who would request one. It would include the large colorful emblem on the back of the shirt (pictured above left) and the small color emblem above the shirt pocket on the front of the shirt (pictured below). The price is $15 per emblem and includes the application to your shirt, blouse, jacket or sweatshirt.

Our long sleeved khaki shirts are back by popular demand. These handsome, comfortable shirts are now available in tan (pictured) and now in a stunning dark blue. The BCHC logo is as shown on the back of the shirt and a small logo in front above the shirt pocket. Order one for your special cowboy or cowgirl and get one for yourself. The shirts are $40 and come in sizes S, M, L, Xl and XXL. (Cowboy not included, sorry)