​Ray Spence~Safely mounting your horse and horsemanship

After you have studied for for your Class A driver's license, you can go here to take the DMV sample tests:

    The SARU of the BCHC hosted a packing and camping clinic Saturday, March 24 at the MSW Ranch in Norco. The event was very well attended with 28 BCHC members present to enjoy the instructions. The trainings included highlining, tacking and loading your pack animal, camping in the backcountry, Leave No Trace principles, camping with your horse, and safely mounting your horse and advanced horsemanship. All the presentations included safety orientation and stressing the value of minimum impact in the wilderness.






     We meet monthly for meetings:

     3rd Tuesday of each month

Kountry Folks Homestyle Restaurant

3653 La Sierra Ave

Riverside, CA   92505

951 354-0437

Dinner @ 6 PM

Meeting @ 7PM

      All are welcome to attend 

      Please see our calendar for details.



Mike Lewis~Setting up your stock for packing

The Southern California Units of the BCHC are very fortunate to have such educated and experienced trainers. A very special thank you to the presenters, Mike Lewis, Ray Spence and Mike Williams. We are especially grateful to Mike Williams for offering his ranch for this outstanding event. And a big THANK YOU for every BCHC member who attended to make this a memorable day!!!!!!

Mike~Leave No Trace Camping/Prep and camping with your horse

   The clinic was attended by members of several of the Southern California Units and even a few members of the Los Padres Unit. We all made a few new friends at this gathering.

   Lunch was served from the Dutch Ovens and included smoked pulled pork, BBQ beans, sweet corn spoon bread and blueberry buckle for those who had room for dessert.

   Mike Williams finished off the day with instructing us on the 10 essentials for backcountry riding.


Mike Williams~Highlining

    The members of the Santa Ana River Unit along with members of other Southern California BCHC Units were honored with an equine first aid clinic hosted by the staff of the equine hospital.

    ​ Dr Daniel Sebastian, DVM, was our featured speaker who showed and explained to us the basic essential items needed in an equine first aid package. The list of items is featured below.

    He also entertained us with pictures and stories of his work with mule pack strings in the High Sierra Pack Stations. The 18 members who attended were very engaged and barraged Dr. Sebastian with many questions following the presentation. Rebekah, Dr. Wan's wife, was also helpful adding comments and added information to the class.



    Following the clinic, Dr. Wan took the attendees for a tour through the newly constructed facility. The facility is very impressive and equipped with everything the DVM's will need for equine testing, treatment, surgery and recovery.


    The SARU is very grateful to Dr. Wan, his wife, Rebekah and Dr Sebastian for opening their facility to us for this presentation, clinic and tour.                     Dr Wan is highly respected and widely recognized DVM in the Norco/Corona/Riverside area. He and Rebekah are also members of  the SARU.


Fencing pliers is an absolute necessity when riding the backcountry


  We provide training on cooking, packing, Gentle       Use and emergency situations in the backcountry.


​​​​    The SARU had a special twist to their monthly membership meeting this month on Tuesday, February 20. Our president, Mr Mike Williams, invited two CHP officers, Officer Darren Nelson and Officer Chris Kelly, to come and speak to us about trailering and licensing laws. 

    There has been a lot of discussion within our unit about Class A license and Class C license and when a driver would be required to apply for a Class A. These officers are trained in the law and set everything straight for us. Although there are a lot of variables, one of the basic laws is that if a driver is pulling a trailer that is rated with a GVWR of 10,000 lbs or more, you are required to carry a Class A license.

​    The officers provided the attendees with a handout, which were sections from the California Vehicle Code book,  that was helpful in 'deciphering' the difficult, complex and confusing Vehicle Code and were very proficient in laying it out for us.

          There were 22 BCHC members at the meeting and the officers were well received. Their talk generated a lot of questions and we kept them busy for about an hour. We are very grateful to Officers Nelson and Kelly and their time for coming to educate us regarding the trailering laws.

    Anyone can pick up a copy of the California Vehicle Code book at any DMV location and also a copy of the California Commercial Driver Handbook which you will need to study to prepare if you are applying for a Class A license. Pay attention and be safe out there....you're handling precious cargo!!!!!!!!


*Cotton roll

*Contact bandage

*Cling wrap

*Gauze pads

*Gauze wrap

Adhesive wrap and adhesive tape

Leg wraps

Sharp scisors


Steel cup or container

Rectal thermometer with string and clip attached

Surgical scrub and antiseptic solution

Latex gloves

Flashlight and spare batteries

Permament marker pen

Pliers (to pull nails)

6" diameter PVC tubing cut in half the long way (like a gutter) into lengths of 1-1/2 to 2 feet (for emergency splinting)


Info on 'local' vets


    Items marked with a (*) must be sterile

Contact info for the Socal Equine Hospital:

Phone: 951.737.1615



Website: www.socalequinehospital.com


​875 Sixth Street, Norco, CA   92860