Many of our BCHC friends were there from Units all over the state.We had a good showing from our own Unit!!!!! The clouds over the mountains were constantly changing and made for beautiful, if not threatening, views every day. The mules were the highlight of the week. Their power, their smarts, their diversity, their beauty and, of course, their stubbornness!!!!! There were a number of clinics to attend and learn, and walking by all the corrals and talking to the mule owners makes one think about buying their own.  Those who love our country would greatly appreciate the tributes to our veterans and to those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. 

The trip took twenty days and the pair rode a total of 324 miles. Some members of BCHC joined them on certain segments of the journey. We are grateful they arrived safe and without any major incidents. Mike and Rebecca rode in the Mule Days Parade on Saturday and were awarded a second place ribbon in their division. They will be sharing stories, pictures and videos of their journey at our next General Membership meeting on June 18. Welcome home, Mike and Rebecca!!!!!!!!


‚Äč50th Anniversary

Mules, Friends, Nostalgia, Clinics, Ceremonies, Displays, Food, Art, Tack, Parade, Competitions....Mule Lovers Heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Santa Ana River Unit is proud of our president, Mike Williams and Rebecca Wan for the amazing ride from Norco to Bishop to celebrate Mule Days. The pair left Norco on May 2nd and arrived at the Tri-County Fairgrounds in Bishop right before 2 PM on Wednesday, May 22. Several members of BCHC welcomed them as they rode onto the fairgrounds. They fought thru extremely fierce winds the last couple days before arriving.


The Incredible Journey